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Posted 11 March 2002 - 09:34 AM

ǻ ų

.- , ,
Ƶ ÿ ͻ ٰɳ ݻѳ,
û ٿ ϰݳ ɳ
-"ݱ , ճ... ... ɳ.
˳ͳ, ÿ ݣ"
" .."

ϰ ݷݻ
ܻ ٰϿ ˻
г ۹ 翣
ٿ ѻ
Ȼ .- DZ
۰ ۳ ׳ϳ ݣ

ٰ տ
.- "!.. . ۳ó
ݻ ٵ ٳ
س ݳݻ,
ÿ ѳ ݳ... "!
ճ ÿ ݳ ϰϿ.
", ٳ, .
ٿ ѻ ϳ, ٿ ɳ"
" ѳ , ٿǹ ɳ
, , ... !"

ٻ ӳ.... ͳ
ݻ .-
ػ ӻ, ɳǷ, ϳѳ,
( ϳɳ)
ݳ ߻ , ϳ...

By D. Varouzhan (1884-1915)
(Note: All these works in re to the Armenian suffering, as well as those by Siamanto and others were written before "the big one", i.e. before 1915)

The door opens wide, Derenik with awe,
Like a wounded deer hit by an arrow,
Falls in his mother's arms, weeping.
"what happened, my son... tell me quick.. don't cry,
Did the snake bite you, or the horse you kick"?
"My head tore open, our next door Ali!"

And he bares open, under those black curls
That gashing wound with blood streaking down
That little Armenian head, hit with Turkish vengeance.
Deep gorges open in brave mother's soul
Full of shame... is it right to caress
On her heart- head of a defeated coward?

In a moment, deaf to her mercy, she ponders
From chest to the head of that little wretch,
And she roars,- "Out!... until you triumph
His blood you cleanse with your own
Don't come today. You betrayed my care,
Did I nourish you with bread made of oats?... Out!!!"

The boy turned scarlet with shame protests,
"But mommy, Ali is a son of Turk,
There's fire in his eyes and pala on his back."
"And you're Armenian, and let at your waist be
My scissors, my spinner, whatever you want...Out!!!"

Derenik with shame, looking to the ground
Leaves in deep silence... There under a tree
I see him by light of the moon,
A big stone in hand, nervous and pale
(While down his cheek blood dripping down)
At the doorstep of foe, he waits and waits long...

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